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Conversion Cost Estimate

Go LPG trade at the higher end of the market, on quality, not price.

If you are looking for a high quality conversion and a proper backup service, contact Go LPG.

Our pricing policy allows for;

A quality installation of the correct system for your car

A suitable amount of time to do the job properly

UK LPG certification

The use of a courtesy car

A full 2 year parts and labour warranty.

To convert your vehicle in this way we cannot offer back street prices.

Don't contact us if you;

are looking for the cheapest price

just want to use us as a benchmark

only want to 'pick our Brains' for conversion details

Go LPG! conversions take 3 - 5 days to complete (allowing 1 day for at least 50 miles of road testing)

We don't sell DIY LPG kits or parts. Explanation

We don't 'convert' Diesels. Explanation

We have a medium sized courtesy car available.

All major credit cards accepted

3% surcharge on all Credit Card transactions.
Delta and Switch no charge.

NO CHEQUES! (See point 5.)

1. To get a cost estimate for LPG conversion of your vehicle enter its precise details below.
(The number of cylinders your engine has is crucial.)

2. Click the 'Submit my estimate request' button (at the bottom of this page) to mail it to us.

Our Anti-Virus system will delete any E mail with attachment(s) or with any hint of Virus infection.

3. We'll E mail your estimate back to you a soon as we can (it is not uncommon for us to get 500 mails in a day).

4. All Go LPG! conversions carry a full 24 month parts AND labour guarantee. Explanation

5. Accepted payment methods are Credit Card, Switch, Delta or good old fashioned money.
WE DO NOT TAKE CHEQUES as the High Street Banks have now extended cheque clearance to
a minimum 6 days which is unacceptable.

6. To book a conversion slot and order your equipment in readiness we require deposit of 100.

Your vehicle details (Petrol engines only!)

We have a firm policy on 'junk mail'. Your E mail or street address will NOT be added to any mailing list without your permission.

Name ( & title)

Area in which you live

E mail address

Make of vehicle


Year of Manufacture

Engine size

Number of cylinders

Aspiration (e.g. Normal, Turbo or Supercharged) (State which)

Catalytic convertor? (Yes / No)

Preferred type of 'front end' conversion*
1. Open loop inductive mixer system
2. Closed loop inductive mixer system
3. Multi point gas injection (SGi).

*It is likely that we will only recommend Multi
point (SGi) systems for cars made after 1996

Preferred LPG tank size and position
(Cylinder in boot, spare wheel well fitting or *underslung cylinder(s) if available).

*Most saloon cars CANNOT be fitted with underslung cylinders as the minimum required tank to ground clearance of 250mm cannot be maintained.

When would you like your conversion done?
1. As Soon As Possible!
2. Next month or so, depending on existing bookings
3. Doesn't matter at this stage, just browsing

What is your preferred payment method if we proceed? (No details required at this stage)

1. Cash
2. Debit card
3. Credit Card

BMW 6 & 8 cylinder and Jaguar V8 owners only -
Check this box to confirm you have read the item on 'Nikasil' lined engines.
We cannot book a conversion slot for those vehicles without such confirmation.

Now click on the 'Submit my estimate request' button.

NETSCAPE browsers and AOL Servers

Because this site uses 'MIME' E mail format there are problems with E mail not being sent when using NETSCAPE browsers or AOL servers.

If you have any difficulty then please CUT and PASTE the input section of the page and include it in an ordinary E mail, then send it to info@go-lpg.co.uk

We'll attend to your request as soon as we can. Do keep in mind that we often get 500 mails a day!

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