Mazda MX5

Mazda MX5

It does quite well on fuel but at up to 1 a litre for petrol it'll be a lot cheaper to run on LPG!

We fitted a 30 litre cylinder tank in the tiny boot space. There is some space left.
The vaporiser fits snugly under the bonnet.
The LPG filler fits neatly in the lower portion of the rear bumper.

OMVL Dream XXI (Multi point sequential gas injection) equipment was used for this job.

The latest (11/05) style fuel choice switch can be seen here mounted on the Driver's right, easily visible but not intrusive at night.

It is practically impossible to tell which fuel you are running on without looking at this because the car's performance is so good on LPG. Even the owner couldn't find a difference between fuels when he road tested the car.

Fuel economy........

Given that petrol is around 2.4 times the price of LPG, this gave an equivalent fuel economy figure of 65mpg in terms of what it would have cost on petrol.

Who said that smaller cars are not worth converting to LPG?

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LP Gas burns cleanly.....

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