Go LPG - Can Turbocharged and Supercharged engines be converted?
Can Turbocharged and Supercharged engines be converted?

Yes they can, and very well if the job is done properly.

BUT! If the correct type of conversion equipment is not used the vehicle could be extremely dangerous..........

Open and Closed Loop single inductive mixer equipment is NOT suitable for the Conversion of any Turbocharged or Supercharged engine.

Read thorugh the description of both Open and Closed loop single mixer conversions to understand backfiring and is causes, then multiply the effect by the power of at least 6 for the gas capacity of the inside of the Supercharger, then you'll see why such an event would be very memorable indeed.

We are not speaking of a friendly little pop now and again, more like an eventual (inevitable) explosion of large enough magnitude to take the Bonnet (and maybe even the Driver) with it.

That isn't the only risk either - Putting LPG vapour through a Supercharger will tend to dry out any lubricant in the rotor bearings which will end in Supercharger seizure sometime down the line. If such siezure does occur, it might just result in the snapping of the drive belt and a hefty bill for a new Supercharger unit. It could also result in a bill for a new engine if any broken Supercharger fragments are inducted.

Correct Conversion

For clarity, the only way a Turbocharged or Supercharged engine can be converted properly (safely) is by using a correctly selected and installed multi point injection system. When this is done there will be no risk of backfiring nor any damage to rotor bearings as the inlet manifold (and the Turbo or Supercharger unit) will only contain Air - Just they do when running on petrol. To see properly converted Tubocharged and Supercharged cars here are some suggested links - XJR V8, XJR6 or Maserati Bi Turbo

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